Welcome to the 418 Squadron Website
Why I'm here

My purpose here is to provide a vehicle for keeping history alive. Those of you who have had a part in the activities of 418 Squadron at some time in your life will be particularly welcome to tell us of your experiences. My own involvement with 418 Squadron (from 1960 to 1981) was filled with many fond memories and even some adventures. As the 418 Squadron 'unofficial historian', my interest is in presenting the history of 418 Squadron to everyone interested and to preserve the honour due to all former members of 418.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 418 Squadron Association website and to invite you to return often as we add more to the site. As we build, we hope to create a place to document and honour all members of 418 Squadron from times past and to invite former 418 Squadron members to participate in this endeavour.


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