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Nov 11              [ 2012 Nov 17 15:06:07 ]
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The return of the 418squadron.ca web site

We're back, and we've given the site a face lift.

The 418squadron.ca is an online Interpretive Centre to present the historical record of the 418 military services for the R.C.A.F.

An existing web site, 418squadron.ca, was lost two years ago. The domain name registration had lapsed, and the hosting server that the content resided on is no longer available for use.

The original web site was designed and passionately maintained by Travis McEnery. We have weaved Travis' existing work into the new site. Cliff Adams, a member of the association's executive, has volunteered to update this web site, and he's got great ideas:

  • Extensive online catalog of items showcased in the 418 museum.
  • Highlight the ongoing projects of the association, such as airplane restoration.
  • Add historical records, from servicemen, and their aircraft.
  • Archive all missions of the 418th.
  • Give a common starting point for web surfers to locate more information regarding the RCAF, the history of our members, and a forum for conversation.

In October, 2012, the association began the work to return web site to 'active duty'. On November 11, 2012, we opened the new web site to the public.

As with all web pages, we will continue to evolve the presentation and style of this site, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.