About the 418 Association
Who are we?

Welcome to the website of the 418 Squadron Association. Based out of the Edmonton Aviation Heritage Society Hangar at City Centre Airport in Edmonton, Alberta, the Association was created to preserve, protect, and display memorabilia gathered over the 53 years of continuous operations that the 418 "City of Edmonton" Squadron conducted. Many of our members are veterans of 418 Squadron, and remain in regular contact.

Through our displays here, our social functions, and ongoing ties with the military, we aim to keep alive the spirit of the men and women of the RCAF who sacrificed so much in the performance of their duties.

In these pages you will find information pertaining to the history of the squadron, the aircraft they operated, and links to other websites that may be of interest, as well as information regarding the current endeavors of the association and museum displays.

Our Association

We have been in existence since 1985, originally under the name of 418 Squadron Foundation. We were formed with the initial intention of raising funds to restore a DeHavilland Mosquito aircraft of the type flown by 418 (City of Edmonton) Squadron during World War II, and on which 418 became the highest scoring RCAF fighter squadron of the war.

We accomplished our first objective not once but twice. The second restoration of the same aircraft became necessary when the refurbished 'wooden wonder' deteriorated badly while doing sentry duty at the main gate of CFB Namao, here in Edmonton. This latest factory-quality rebuild was completed in 1995 and can be viewed on this website, or in real life, indoors, at the Alberta Aviation Museum, 11410 Kingsway Avenue, Edmonton.

Since the official disbandment of 418 Squadron on 15 August 1994, our mandate has been to preserve, protect and display all memorabilia accumulated over fifty-three years of continuous flying operations.

We are a not-for-profit organization with growing membership of supporters, and we'd love to see you at our museum, or by contacting us:

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