418 Squadron Operations Record Book
Official documents and logs of the missions of 418 Squadron during WWII

ORB: Operations Record Book

-- The Operations Record Book was an official record of the activities of a squadron during WWII. Each entry (usually daily) was a brief summary of the operations carried out by the Squadron for that day (or night). Most often a junior officer was charged with writing this account however all ranks sometimes had a part in writing this important record. The information entered in an ORB was often a bare summary of the operations carried out by each crew after they returned from a mission.

Each mission entry should (but did not always) include the following information:

  1. Aircraft Type,
  2. Aircraft Serial Number or Squadron Call Letter - the call letters for 418 were prefixed TH followed by another letter (A through Z) / Identification codes of aircraft
  3. Bomb/armament load,
  4. Crew names with registration/tag numbers, Crew Position
  5. Mission Date(s), duration of flight/mission
  6. ment load,
  7. Target(s)
  8. Any notes related to the mission, such as any problems encountered, equipment failures, etc.

This is an ongoing project: 418 Squadron was involved in many campaigns.

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